Ever Changing Leadership In MoH is Hampering Progress

By Dr Aswad Ithin

I was in the system before. Now, I am a private practitioner. As much as I missed serving the nation, offering private healthcare at an affordable rate was always going to be my mission as my journey in UMNO taught me.

Back in 2018, when I thought UMNO at her worst, I offered myself to be Parit Sulong youth no.2. Now, I am in a more conciliatory mode. I wasn’t as Gung Ho as before. It is not because I lost hope, but I saw that the ever changing nature of political dynamics, musical chairs of cabinet members regardless of party colors and affiliation only saw the waiting time in our government hospitals increased at a very alarming rate. Quality healthcare is no longer the territory of government services, but now it became public complaints no. 1.

I felt responsible. If only slightly. Doctors working around the clock should compensated at the very least in accordance to living wage. Working conditions must improve. Especially doctors would need training considering the rise of AI and 5G which is expected to dominate our healthcare services.

The ever changing leadership at ministry of health not only put a stop at a progressive movement to revolutionize care, but ensure that any meaningful change became a legacy contention. Take for example the deployment of 5G in Malaysia, previous communication minister was on track with a single wholesale network vis-à-vis DNB-Ericsson partnership.

Now SoyaCincau reported that Huawei/ZTE infamously controversial over many allegations of spying and intellectual property theft are rumored to be joining the fray. Are we going to suffer sanctions by the Americans and western world too should this happen? How about quality, modern and state-0f the art healthcare brought about by AI and real time 5G internet in lowering the burden of healthcare provider in Malaysia? If this happen say goodbye to quick improvement of our national health services.

The musical chairs must stop. We need stability, certainty and long term planning. UMNO must come forward to take over from inexperienced Ministers.

10th February, 0125

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